Jacks near me with Motors, Motored Jacks, Linear Power Jacks (Machine Screw Type) with Motor, Linear Power Jacks with Servo Motor Type: Operates Multiple Jack Systems. with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Jacks with CZPT s / CZPT ed Jacks
Linear CZPT Jacks (Machine CZPT Type) With Gearmotor 
Linear CZPT Jacks (Ball CZPT Type) With Gearmotor 
Linear CZPT Jacks (High CZPT Ball CZPT Type) With Gearmotor 
Linear CZPT Jacks (Machine CZPT Type) With CZPT  
Linear CZPT Jacks (Ball CZPT Type) With CZPT  
Linear CZPT Jacks (High CZPT Ball CZPT Type) With CZPT  
Linear CZPT Jacks With Hypoid CZPT is a space saving right-angle reducer with high starting and running efficiencies.
Linear CZPT Jacks With Servo CZPT Type: Operates multiple jack systems without mechanical connections. Compatible with any brand of servo motor. Allows complete control of screw shaft speed. Allows accurate control of stopping. Allows accurate control of force applied to the jack. Maintains load with Servo Lock function.

Motorized screw jack can also be called CZPT ctric screw jack, which includes a CZPT screw jack and an electric motor. The CZPT ized Jacks have higher efficiency than manual screw jack. There are two types CZPT screw jack for motorized screw jacks, they are self-locking machine screw jack or high precision ball screw jack. The motor can be a high-precision servomotor, stepping motor, geared motor, CZPT reducer, bevel CZPT cal gearmotor, worm CZPT cal gearmotor, three-phase motor, or single phase motor, and 12v, 24v, 48v Brush or Brushless DC motors and DC gear motors, etc. Note: If it is a electric ball screw jack, a brake motor or an external locking device is required to maintain the position. CZPT ctric screw jacks offer the most economic solutions for a wide range of industrial applications and the load capacity up to 100-ton as standard.

Three Structures (Connection) for CZPT ized CZPT Jacks:
1. Structures 1 (Foot Mounted): input shafts(worm), coupling, and B3 foot mount motor.
2. Structures 2 (Flange Mounted): screw jack with motor flange, and B5, B14, or NEMA flange motor. 
3. Structures 3 (Flange Mounted): screw jack with motor flange, coupling, and B5, B14, or NEMA flange motor. 
Electric CZPT jack lift Function: The CZPT ctric screw jack actuator is a basis jack-up part, accomplish the functions such as lifting, drop, push and inverting through CZPT drives screw, because it is driven by electric motor, it has higher efficiency than manual screw jack.

Motorized CZPT Steel CZPT Jack 5ton Inverted with Clevis End and Hand Wheel

100kN motorized screw jacks with traveling nut for electric jacking system. Cubic electric lifting screw jack load capacity 100 kN, self locking ACME screw diameter 55mm, pitch 9mm, upright mount, rotating screw type, stroke 500mm, ratio 36:1 (one rpm input travel length 0.25mm), plain end, right shaft and left motor adapter, attached bronze lifting nut, double bellows boots, flange block bearing, and 4 kw brake motor with B14 motor flange.

50KN electric CZPT screw jacks with three-phase motor. Motorised screw jacks 50 KN load capacity with a compact and versatile cubic housing, self locking Trapezoidal screw diameter 40 mm, pitch(lead) 7mm, upright mount, travelling screw type, stroke 1500mm, ratio 7:1 (one rpm input travel length 1mm), threaded end and rod end bearing, left side motor flange and right input shaft(worm). Accessories include three-phase two-speed motor(Y100L-8P/4P-0.85KW/1.5KW, 480V/60HZ/3PH), protective pipe, rod end and proximity switches.

Compact cubic 25KN motorized CZPT screw jack provides maximum adaptability to each specific application. For this motorized jack with dc 24v CZPT reducer features: short stroke 50mm, top plate(flange) end, vertical mount, translating design, slowest ratio 1/24, trapezoidal screw Tr 30 x 6, left input shaft(worm) and right motor adapter. Accessories: dc 24v motor attaches RV30 CZPT box,  motor flange, and protective tube.

Cubic design 25KN electric worm screw jack offers modern aesthetics and versatile mounting on two faces of the gearbox, while eliminating the need for upright and inverted variants. For this motorized jacks, upright mount, translating screw type, stroke 500mm, slowest gear ratio 24:1, self locking ACME screw diameter 30 mm, pitch(lead) 6mm, thread end combines with rod end as one, left input shaft(worm) and right motor adapter. Accessories: dc 24v motor with vertical mount(motor flange), protection tube, bellows boots and rod ends.

10ton electric motor CZPT screw jack with CZPT box reducer features: maximum static load capacity 10 tons, worm screw 58 mm diameter, pitch 12mm, stroke 75 mm, highest ratio 1/8, inverted type jack, no rotation keyed screw design. Accessories: 0.75kw CZPT motor reducer, motor flange, limit switches, protective tube, and plain end.

25 ton electric machine screw actuators features: The motor is parallel mount with spindle, suitable for limit space. CZPT imum static load capacity 25 tons, lifting screw 90 mm diameter, pitch 16mm, stroke 900 mm, slowest ratio 1/32, inverted type jack, translating screw design. Accessories: 4kw three phase 380V AC motor with gearbox, motor flange, clevis end, and protection tube.

25KN electric traveling nut screw jack features: worm screw 26 mm diameter, pitch 5mm, stroke 1000 mm, slow gear ratio 1/24, vertical lifting, travelling nut rotating design, attached copper lifting nut, flange block bearing, motor flange, and 0.75 kw motor.

5 Ton CZPT CZPT Jacks with Geared CZPT s Features: maximum static load capacity 5 tons, worm screw 40 mm diameter, pitch 7mm, stroke 150 mm, slowest ratio 1/6, upright, no rotation keyed screw design. Accessories: 1.1kw bevel-helical gear motor, incremental encoder, motor flange, limit switches, protective tube, and CZPT standard top plate end.

2.5 Ton DC Gear CZPT CZPT Jack with CZPT Controller features: maximum static load capacity 2.5 tons, worm screw 30 mm diameter, pitch 6mm, stroke 900 mm, highest ratio 1/6, upright type jack, translating screw design, clevis end. Accessories: 24v gear motor, motor flange, dc motor controller and protective tube.

5 Ton CZPT ctric CZPT Jack with CZPT ing Nut Attached Bevel-helical Gear CZPT . CZPT electrically screw jack load capacity 5 ton, self locking ACME screw diameter 38mm, pitch 6mm, inverted mount, rotating screw design, stroke 900mm, ratio 1/24 (one rpm input travel length 0.25mm), plain end, right input shaft and left motor adapter. Attached 3-phase electric motor with bevel-helical gearbox, and copper travel nut.

10 Ton 220V AC Single Phase CZPT ctric Worm Gear CZPT Jack features: maximum static load capacity 10 tons, worm screw 58 mm diameter, pitch 12mm, stroke 1500 mm, highest ratio 1/8, inverted type jack, travelling screw design. Accessories: 1.5kw 220VAC single phase motor with bevel gear reducer, motor flange, rubber bellows, protective tube, and top plate end.

Shipment and Packing Pictures 
1. CZPT freight: seaport to seaport, price terms CIF, FOB, EXW, CFR etc.
2. Air freight: airport to airport, price terms EXW, CRF etc.
3. Air courier: DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT door to door shipment, price terms DDU, CPT etc.
100% standard exporting plywood cases. 
Note: International Exporting Standard CZPT Material with Free Fumigation.

Company Profiles
JACTON Industry Co.,Ltd (VAT No.: 9144190007026567X3, registered Capital 500000CNY) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of CZPT Jacks (Mechanical Actuators), Bevel Gearboxes, CZPT ing Systems, CZPT ctric CZPT Actuators, Gearmotors and CZPT Reducers, CZPT s CZPT Motion and CZPT Transmission Products in CZPT . We are located in Chang An, Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. guan, CZPT g dong in CZPT . We are an audited professional manufacturer and supplier by SGS (Serial NO.: QIP-ASI192186) and BV (Serial NO.: MIC-ASR257162) organizations. We have a strict quality system, with senior engineers, experienced skilled workers and practiced sales teams, and consistently provide the CZPT ers with the best engineered solution for precision linear actuation, CZPT transmission and mechanical jacking systems. CZPT Industries guarantees quality, reliability, performance and value for today’s demanding industrial applications.

Company Advantages
* One of the biggest orders with 1750 units screw lift jacks.
* Standard products with 2D Drawings(DXF, DWG, PDF) and 3D CAD Model(STEP).
* 100% quality assured with double quality inspections. Original Inspection Reports, Operation Manual, and Book Catalogue are put into the packages.
* 100% safety transportation with strong standard export plywood cases materials (free fumigation).
* CZPT standard materials for all standard products.
* CZPT design CZPT , CZPT service CZPT , Free CZPT advice and CZPT er label CZPT .

Products List
* Manual CZPT Jacks
* CZPT ctric CZPT Jacks
* CZPT Jacks Series:

Cubic CZPT Jack JTC Series, CZPT CZPT Jack JTW Series, Trapezoidal CZPT Jack JT Series, Worm CZPT Jack JTM Series, CZPT Steel CZPT Jack JSS Series, Through Hole CZPT Jack JTH Series, Ball CZPT Jack JTB Series, Cubic Ball CZPT Jack JTD Series, Bevel Gear CZPT Jack JTS Series and JTG Series, and CZPT ctric Cylinder JTE Series.
* Bevel Gearboxes Series:
Cubic Bevel Gearbox JTP Series, Hollow Shaft Gearbox JTPH Series, Input Flange Gearbox JTPF Series, Input Flange and Hollow shaft Gearbox JTPG Series, CZPT Steel Gearbox JTP Series, CZPT Gearbox JTA Series, and Bevel Gearboxes JT Series.
* CZPT Jack CZPT ing Systems and Accessories:
2jacks lifting system, 3jacks lifting system, 4jacks lifting system, 6jacks lifting system, 8jacks lifting system……14jacks lifting system. CZPT ing systems accessories cover ac, dc motors, geared motors, servo motors, stepper motors, handwheels, couplings, CZPT joints, telescopic CZPT joints, connecting shafts, cardan shafts, limit switches, proximity switches, safety nut, travel nut, rod ends, stop nuts, pillow block bearings, flange blocks, motor flange nema or iec, encoder, potentiometer, frequency converter, position indicators, trunnion plate, and trunnion mounting brackets.
* CZPT ctric CZPT Actuators Series:
Electro CZPT Actuators LA Series, CZPT ctro CZPT Actuators LAP Series.
* Gear Reducers Series:
Helical Gear Reducers R Series, CZPT cal Bevel Gear Reducers K Series, Parallel Shaft CZPT cal Gear Reducers F Series, CZPT cal Worm Gear Reducers S Series, CZPT cal Gear CZPT GMH/GMV Series, and Worm Gear Reducers NMRV Series.

Customers Distribution Countries
* CZPT ican Countries: United States, Mexico, Canada, Chile, Argentina, Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.via, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Peru.
* CZPT pean Countries: Germany, France, CZPT CZPT dom, CZPT , Spain, Poland, CZPT ia, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Czech Republic, Portugal, Sweden, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Slovakia, Norway, Ireland, Georgia, Slovenia.
* Asian Countries: Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Israel, Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, CZPT Arab Emirates, Qatar, Georgia, Armenia.
* CZPT ian Countries: Australia, New Zealand.
* African Countries: Egypt, Ethiopia, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique.